Why is it called middle C?

By CJ | Music Curios

Why is it called middle C? Is middle C in the middle of the piano? 

In this easy piano lesson we look at why middle c is assumed to be at the centre of the piano keyboard.

Usually during the first piano lesson we learn where to find middle C on the piano. 

Without question we accept that middle c is the middle of the piano. It certainly appears as if it could be the centre. But it is not.


There is no objective centre or middle note on the piano keyboard. The middle notes are E and F but are not referred to as middle E or middle F. At least I’ve never heard of them.

We look to music notation for the answer.

The history of music notation spans a millennium and has probably been the bane of music students since its invention by Guido D’ Arezzo circa 1000 B.C.E.

Guido’s music notation was not the first attempt at music notation however it forms the basis for modern music notation.

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