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The Hardest Skill To Master In Music

By Carla | Music Curios

What's the Hardest Skill to Master in Music? 

Have you ever wondered what's the hardest skill to master in music? Well let me tell you a story.


It all started when… this guy asked about playing the blues. He could already play, he know the 12 bar blues form, the chords and the blues scale. He demonstrated it to me and yeah, he had all the right notes, but he felt it wasn’t bluesy enough.

I asked him if he’d ever had a broken heart. He said no. I said, “Well there’s your problem!”

You have to feel the blues. It’s your life experience that makes the best blues and every other genre and style of music.

Even the kids playing the blues are expressing something more than just “the right notes”, my point is that knowing music theory isn’t what makes music.

Music comes from the creator, the person playing the music. You can express yourself with a just a few notes using rhythm and touch to convey emotion.

What really matters the real magic, the only goal and aspiration of every instrumentalist is transferring what you hear and feel to your instrument.

Theory only helps you get there.

The emotion expression and feeling come from you.

As a musician that is my goal and as a teacher that is what I want for my students. Total and complete freedom to play any way you want and to be able to express yourself musically.

I hope you want that too.

Don’t worry about music theory because it’s easy compared to reaching down into yourself and expressing your truth through music.