What Skills Do You Need To Have To Learn An Instrument?

By CJ | Music Curios

What Skills Do You Need To Have To Learn An Instrument? 

What skills do you need to have to learn an instrument? Maybe a God given talent?

No, just basic music pattern recognition.

So why does it take an adult longer to learn to play the piano?


Well, that's a piano lesson myth really. An adult free of piano myths like that one will learn piano faster and make better music.

You don't need talent, just a genuine interest and a passion.

The only demonstrable skills you need to have to learn an instrument are clap in time with the beat and have the ability to distinguish whether notes are going up or down.

It also helps if you know the first seven letters of the alphabet.

Children learn the piano basics for beginners and build a strong foundation for moving on to advanced music concepts.

I find that adults look at the simplicity of piano basics and think it not worth their full attention.

When they try to move on from the piano basics for beginners they find themselves stumped and fall for another one of the piano myths, theory is too hard. 

Piano learning for adults can be challenging because of the baggage we carry around.

Kids don't have it.

So unless you have Congenital Amusia, which is a fancy medical term for tone-deafness, you don't need talent.

So stop asking yourself "What skills do I need to learn an instrument?" and just go follow your passion.