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About CJ

James CJ RichardsonJames CJ Richardson, Music Coach, Professional Musician, Pianist,

Here to support you on your musical journey.

It all started when… I went with my Aunt Janet to a church meeting in Bermuda one hot summer evening of 1984.

The music was Gospel and that was that! Since then I have lived only music.

I love all of it and play all of it from Gospel, Reggae, Soul, Blues, Jazz and R&B to Rock, Pop, Funk and some Classical for good measure.

I've nursed the bruises of touring and endured the repetition of residencies. Performed for the many and for the few, with the great and the mediocre.


I'm gonna keep doing that until I die.

Function Bands

Playing in function bands is par for the course when you're a working musician.

Funk With Us is one of the function bands I currently work with.

I work as a dep with several different function bands like Alter Ego, The Itchy Feet House Band and The Distractions.

Self Produced Solo Piano Concert

What kind of lunatic rents a concert venue and a piano then puts on a concert?

This kind of lunatic. 

The Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Bermuda

And Another Thing...

Speaking of self produced concerts... 

for this one I built a full band!